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Cerealis Moagens is a company of the Cerealis Group, geared towards the production and sale of wheat, rye, compound and mixed-grain flour, aimed at the industrial bread market. It has a long and prestigious tradition in the milling sector. From the very outset it has sought to establish enduring partnerships with its customers, based on the know-how, constant innovation and quality of its flours. Today, the company stands at the ‘industrial forefront’, as a result of a strong investment plans aimed at positioning its manufacturing units as state-of-the art plants, following the strictest quality management and certification systems. This industrial positioning, along with the extremely careful selection and sourcing of controlled raw materials, from the time they are received and throughout the various stages of processing, storage and final dispatch, ensure that the final product is of the highest and most


We serve the market with prestigious and renowned brands.

Technical Center

We provide training and demonstrations to serve better and do better.

Customer Service

We create value by satisfying our customers.

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In line with the evolving consumer lifestyles, Nacional has served the Portuguese market for more than 160 years with pasta products, flours, breakfast cereals and biscuits, with a special focus on the production of industrial flours. Soft flours, developed from a careful selection of the best wheat and rye and suited to the most diverse recipes for bread and pastries. Nacional's focus is on the development of innovating, high quality products, aiming at market leadership.

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Since its foundation, Harmonia seeks to strengthen its reputation as a manufacturer and seller of all types of wheat flours for industrial use. This has been achieved through the consistently high levels of quality of its products, thanks to procedures to control and select the best raw materials for the production processes, ensuring total satisfaction of the consumers' needs. The investment paid off and the brand is overcoming new challenges with the development of more products of increasing quality.


A leading brand in rye and composite flours, with a history spanning over half a century, Concordia was able to follow market evolution with innovative solutions to satisfy the current needs of industry professionals. Concordia's line of specialities is ample and sophisticated. We highlight flours such as Regueifa, Mistura, Pão de Água or the recent Farinha Especial Frio.


Cerealis Moagens has a foothold in the African market through the Big brand for the sale of innovating, high quality flours for the bread and pastry sector. This was an important step for the company, since it consolidated both product quality and competitiveness.

Technical Center

Do better. Serve better

Cerealis Moagens considers that quality goes beyond product manufacture and sales. The company constantly seeks to reinforce its market presence by following the most important events in the sector of bread and pastries, monitoring a world of innovations in relevant raw materials and production technologies for the industry. Seeking to take the lead in an increasingly demanding and competitive sector, Cerealis Moagens also provides training on its products by highly qualified bread technicians, thus ensuring excellent end results in terms of the customers' product development. At the Cerealis Technical Centre, located in the manufacturing facility in Lisbon and equipped with modern equipment for bread baking and pastry, and for cold production techniques, we organise training and coaching programs for our employees, customers and suppliers.

Customer Service

Creating value through increasing customer satisfaction

Since its foundation, Cerealis Moagens produces and sells a wide variety of products aimed at creating value for its partners. It goes to great lengths to better satisfy its clients with quality brands and products, together with a Customer Service driven by excellence. Through permanent service provision by the sales team, we ensure the completion of all actions pertaining to order management, focusing all our resources on customer satisfaction. This way, value is created throughout the entire value chain to foster an ever closer relationship with the customer. Cerealis ensures that every customer order is fulfilled and also supports after sales processes, always prioritising customer satisfaction. Resorting to a diverse and highly skilled team, Cerealis Moagens Customer Service performs the following tasks:

1. Order Management - receiving and ensuring order fulfilling as per the agreed deadline;
2. Distribution control - delivery follow-up and contacting the customer whenever information needs to be provided;
3. After Sales Operational Support - receiving and fulfilling of every request, from complaints to information requests;
4. Responsibility for implementing continuous improvement processes