About us

We lead nationally, while ensuring an international reach.

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We conquer markets

Our growth is fostered through exports.

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We produce quality

Our processes are controlled by strict quality management systems.

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We create healthy products

We help to achieve diets that are complete, diverse and rich in nutrients.

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We ensure our sustainability

Sustainability is essential for the growth of our business.

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For us, innovation is an ongoing process

We bring new products to the market every year.

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Cerealis Food Service

Cerealis has created a new business area directed to hotel and restaurant professionals: CEREALIS FOOD SERVICE, a service that allows the Group to share more than 100 years of history, knowledge, experience and the quality of its broad portfolio with all the professionals in this field.

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480 thousand tonnes

480 thousand tonnes of cereal are transformed annually by the five Cerealis manufacturing centres.

Milaneza Molde de Bronze (Bronze Mould)
Ideal for recipes with sauces

By selecting the best durum wheat and using bronze moulds for their manufacture, Milaneza Molde de Bronze pastas have a naturally rugged texture, ideal for retaining sauces and creating strong-flavoured, amazing recipes.

Check Out The New Morning Break Range
It's New, It's Nacional!

Nacional has a history dating back 170 years, and it’s still innovating. We have developed two recipes for your perfect breaks, with the energy and all the flavour you deserve. The practical and tasty new Morning Break are ideal for you to take with you wherever you go. They come in two varieties - Aveia com Mel e Sementes de Chia (Oatmeal with Honey and Chia Seeds) and Aveia com Alfarroba e Pepitas de chocolate negro (Oatmeal with Carob and Dark Chocolate Chips). Choose your favourite!

It's New, It's Nacional

Two recipes with simple ingredients, without any colouring or preservatives, containing natural flavouring and no artificial sweeteners. Nacional’s new Granolas are naturally packed with flavour, just as if you had made them at home. A crunchy mixture of whole oats and toasted cereals that come in two varieties: one with a slight hint of honey and the other with cocoa and delicious little chunks of dark chocolate. Ideal served with milk, or in a veggie drink, with yoghurt, or to simply enjoy as a light snack, giving you a balanced, pleasurable experience. So simple, so good!